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  • The Absolutely Most Important News Ever -Not.

    Sometimes watching the news can be pretty weird. Here's a best of - the most important news ever shown on tv! 

    14 people killed? Let me tell you about this noisy bag first...

    So you're telling me school is two easy for kids?

    Ok, tell me more about the cat.

    The cool kid.

    Experts can agree.

    Ah, that's the golf-guy.

    He was really hungry.

    He's not happy about it.

    That's a confusing namechange.

    Wanna find out what they got? Stay tuned!


    Twisted ankle? No!


    Time to uninstall this app.


    I have no idea...

    No, nooo.....

    He can't go back in time? But... why?

    So you're telling me... water is wet? Mind=Blown

    I hate these racist sandwiches.

    It's looking really suspicious.

    I hope he won't beat em up.

    Obama going to get something to eat. Stay tuned.

    News: no news yet

    C'mon... he isn't.. ?