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  • DARK DAYS ARE COMING: 10 jobs that robots will STEAL from us in the near future (number 9 will make a lot of people angry)

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    DARK DAYS ARE COMING: 10 jobs that robots will STEAL from us in the near future (number 9 will make a lot of people angry)

    Robots are getting more and more advanced, and actually every 11th workplace in the near future will become operated by robots. Take a look at these 10 jobs that will surely be done by robots instead of humans:

    1. Nurses

    This Japanese robot is designed to take care of people just like a real nurse. The advanced technology enables this robot to use sensors to detect odors, hear, see and feel. The precision of robot nurses can be even greater, because, after all, humans sometimes make mistakes.

    2. Soldiers

    This is something like the Terminator movies; we might say that John Connor was right.

    The army is already experimenting with robot super soldiers that should leave the enemy in ruins. They will also destroy the dreams of people who planned to join the army. These machines are terrifying, much more terrifying than human soldiers.

    3. Teachers

    Even today you don’t have to spend too much effort to teach a class. Teachers themselves say that they are already relying a lot on technology, like video or interactive software, for their classes.

    4. Babysitters

    Why would you pay teenagers to take care of your children, when you can have a robot to watch over them? The robots will surely do a better job than teenagers.

    5. Musicians

    Most music today is made using digital technology or has been written in some program. Soon algorithms will be able to tell you the type of beats and melodies that will sell on the market and which ones won’t. Also, nowadays robots can also play instruments.

    6. Receptionists

    “MechaDroid” type 3 is a receptionist that is never wrong. He will never give you a wrong direction. It can even recognize faces, which enables it to act more naturally when interacting with humans. It can also learn the Spanish language faster than us.

    7. Astronauts

    The partnership between NASA and General Motors can boast with the latest model of android technology. Robonaut 2 possesses a wide specter of sensors and has nimble arms that have five fingers. They will help people in space missions, and it won’t surprise us if they soon fully take the place of humans in the near future.

    8. Pharmacists

    UCSF Medical center started the robotization of two pharmacies in UCSF hospitals. When the computers receive an order of medicine or pharmaceuticals digitally, the robot chooses, packages and delivers individual pill dosages.

    9. Drivers

    We won’t need drivers at all very soon. Google’s automated car has already driven thousands of kilometers with no human interaction.

    10. Cashiers

    Many stores nowadays allow their customers to use scanners. While you are choosing your groceries they are being scanned and submitted. When you are done shopping simply scan each grocery, and you will receive a list that you give at the register, pay and that’s that. Companies save money in this way, and the buyers save time.


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