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  • Gotta love German...

    Gotta love German...
    text german language grammar
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    • SweetNightcore 02/17/2018 · · · 1

      German is our main Language and even we can't handel it XD

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    • Maddi213 02/17/2018 · · · 0

      antifa in the url explains the post :D pls answer him:

      " 'umfahren' wouldn't be used in the same form normally. so the problem nomally doesn't even exist. like the gender toilette or pronoun problem. funny, isn't it?

      if you try rly hard you can create the problem. oh the irony. :D lets go on. f.e. "willst du ihn umfahren?" could be 'would you drive over him?' or 'would you drive around him?' now you have to use context. I know.. I know.. using context isn't what you would normally do. but I believe in you mr. antifatwa. you can do it. I will help you: did you hate the person? probably 1st version. did you love the person? 2nd version it is.

      that's all. yes. it is rly that easy. we don't scream, we don't whine, we don't need our bats and not even a single window was destroyed. welcome to adult life. "

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