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  • Who hate Sakura too?

    Who hate Sakura too?
    Sakura anime
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    • Banette 06/20/2018 · · · 1

      She was only useless in classic. However, she's still annoying af

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    • Umi91 06/21/2018 · · · 0

      Also Sakura würde ich nicht hassen.

      Aber es ist schon lustig, sie wird krass und schon sind die anderen von Team 7 soweit voraus, dass sie daneben wieder hinterher hinkt

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    • Oshino-san 06/20/2018 · · · -1

      Boi. Sakura isnt useless >.> She is literally the strongest female in Konoha and she has even surpassed Tsunade

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    • Tomoko 06/20/2018 · · · -1


      She saved the lives of Sasuke and Naruto 2 times, she saved also Shikamaru, Kankurou from safe death

      She safes Chiyo's life in fight against Sasori , she defeated him and Chiyo brought Gara later back to life

      She healed the hole Allied Shinobi Forces

      Without her they couldn't win against Kaguya cause she and tobi brought back Sasuke and she put Kaguya in position for sealing

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