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    text Stop consent traffic.light
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    • Maddi213 09/14/2018 · · · 1

      as if there is a single girl in the world rly saying what she wants. in reality this would work like:

      "do you like me?" -

      "no" *blushing, shy giggle, looking dreamy at you thousand times a day, starting to be next to you way to often, starting absolutly stupid questions, laughing at your jokes (even the bad ones)* -

      "a no is a no, so you better order 40 cats for yourself and stop blushing girl."

      • rasplaz 09/14/2018 · · · 1

        Maddi, i dont think the post is about highschool crushes...

      • Maddi213 09/14/2018 · · · 1

        me2 :D

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