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+/-1. Does 1JUX cost something?

The use of 1JUX is and will remain free.

+/-2. Why do you delete my posts?

It may have many reasons why your uploaded image has been deleted. In most cases, watermarks / links inside of images, are the reasons.

+/-3. Why can I only upload 3 pictures?

The post limit has nothing to do with your behavior. We adapt this according to daily demands.

+/-4. What happens to a deleted image?

If a picture is removed by us, it is completely deleted from our system / servers.

+/-5. What is a Re-Post?

A Re-Post is a post which has already been published on 1JUX. These may not be re-uploaded. If an image is reported as a Re-post, this image will be deleted immediately. Since you can't know a 100% if an image has already been uploaded, you'll get the chance to upload a new image.

+/-6. What are good tags?

Good tags/keywords are words that describe an image / video with just one word. The more tags/keywords, the better it goes. For example tags are also helping the search engine finding images. You can find an image quickly and easily by well-chosen keywords.

+/-7. Why using good descriptions and good titles?

With a good image title and description you reach people! A good description helps users when they search for a picture. A clear title reaches more than hundreds of people instead of "who knows?" or "haha".

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