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+/-About 1JUX

1JUX is the largest german-speaking (now also on english availible!) fun community. Visitors will find daily new funny pictures and videos. Every user can be part of the community, upload pictures / videos, vote and improve posts, discuss in our forums, win prizes and much more.

+/-Favor Posts

If you like an image/video by giving it a little heart, the post is favored by you. The post then automatically ends up in your favorites list. Support good posts with an honest vote to improve the quality of 1JUX, because the more hearts a post receives, the greater is the chance that it rises up a level (platin, gold, hyped).

+/-More speed while laughing

The "Endless scrolling"- and "Random"-Function will speed up your Fun! You simply press the "Enter" key while watching a post and you will get to a random funny post. If you press the arrow keys ("Right" or "Left") you can switch between the next and the previous post.

+/-Correcting Posts

To improve the quality of the posts even further, there is the possibility to correct posts. With each post there is a new "Correct"-Button. By clicking on it, you can improve the title, description and tags. You can improve every post 1 time, if the suggestion is accepted, you will receive points as a reward for the effort. After improving one post you can't improve the post again.

+/-Reporting Posts

You can find a "Report"-Button below of every post. This button gives you the ability to send your feedback to a moderator of 1JUX. After you've pressed the button, a moderator will be immediately informed about the image and checks it. If your report leads to the deletion of a post you will receive points for the effort.

+/-Support Tickets

If you have questions regarding your account, you can use the support ticket system (STS) to send us a message. These messages will be answered within a few hours usually. If you got general question you can look in our forums for support.

+/-Not safe for work (NSFW)

Posts will be marked as "Not Safe For Work (NSFW)" when they are not suitable for children under 16 years. These posts are only visible for a smaller user group. Each image will be checked by our staff before it is visible to all users. Images showing erotic content or violating our Terms of Use are NOT ALLOWED on 1JUX.

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