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  • jk996 01/18/2020

    It is only partly true, but I still find it interesting and funny.

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  • jk996 12/25/2019

    She was joking... And kinda making fun of herself. I can't see what is offensive in it. I am honestly more annoyed with the types of women who are offended by this. Like wtf??? People, see difference between jokes and seriousness and understand that people talk from their perspective and perspective of their country. This global feeling of being offended really go on my not existing dick. From feminists, gays, blacks, muslims... I respect all of them, but let's not be offended over stupid things and expect from whole world to know your history and why you are offended by something. It is true that we should be more careful and think about others too. But I don't think this is good example for it.

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  • jk996 12/18/2019

    I don't think that argument that it is cheaper is good. Everything new is more expensive than the thing before it. With that logic, we would still be 100 years back in the time.

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